Get Ready, Stay Ready

Everything athletic directors need to prepare their staff, coaches and student-athletes for a successful transition back to sports—whatever that may look like.

Set your program up for success by upgrading your department package at no extra cost.

Reach and Engage Your Fans

Learn how technology can enhance how fans view your games and connect with your program beyond the field of play.

Four Ways to Earn Money From Your Livestream

Creative ways to deliver a memorable fan experience and make up for lost revenue using livestreams.

Increase Sponsorship Opportunities by Branding Your Athletic Department

A high school director of operations explains how a strong team brand can help secure spon­sor­ships and cre­ate a sense of com­mu­ni­ty dur­ing a dis­con­nect­ed time.

How to Promote Your Athletic Program with Hudl

Using our highlight tools is an easy and effective way to showcase your players and rally the community.

Broadcasting and Livestreaming with Hudl Focus

Take advantage of flexible livestream solutions to help fans view games and generate revenue for your department.

Help Your Coaches and Athletes Return to Play

Equip your coaches and athletes with the knowledge they need to take on the challenges of today and the uncertainty of the sports calendar in the COVID-19 era.

5 Ways to Create Stronger Connections

Communication expert Betsy Butterick gives you the tools you need to have con­ver­sa­tions that strength­en rela­tion­ships and leave a last­ing impact.

Hudl Up Slack Community

Share inspiration, discuss ideas and pick up new tips from other leaders in the sports community.

Three Ways College Teams Are Adapting to COVID-19

Learn how tech­nol­o­gy can keep your teams con­nect­ed and the major aspects of your pro­gram run­ning — no mat­ter your loca­tion.

Resources for Your Coaches

Provide your coaches with the resources they need to reach and engage with their athletes, wherever they are.

Hudl Academy

Digital courses for coaches looking to master Hudl’s tools at their own pace.

Remote Coaching Guide

Best practices, tips and tools to bring the team together, wherever they are.

Digital Coaching Center

Experts share advice on topics ranging from crisis leadership and remote coaching to building connections and celebrating players.

Solutions to Keep Your Program Connected

Engage your coaches, athletes and fans from a distance with video solutions and services built for a remote world.

Athletic Department Packages

Support every team by offering remote coaching tools and recruiting highlights to all of your athletes.

Hudl Focus

Stay connected with fans and keep the spotlight on your athletes by livestreaming your games on our set-it-and-forget-it smart camera.

Hudl Assist

Save your coaches countless hours this season by letting professional analysts break down their games.