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Level the playing field.

With an athletic department package, every coach, player and team at your high school gets access to game-changing technology.

Invest in your

Show your coaches how much you value their time. With stat reports from Hudl Assist, coaches save hundreds of hours a season.

Inspire your

Engage the modern student-athlete with teaching tools powered by video, plus recruiting tools to showcase their talent.

every team.

By investing in Hudl for your whole high school, everyone at every level has access to the tools they need to compete with confidence.

Rally your

Hudl Focus auto-tracking cameras provide an easy livestreaming solution. Fans near and far never have to miss a game again.

The single solution to elevate your program.

All the tools you need on one invoice. Here’s what's included:


Say goodbye to the uncertainty around getting film.

Hands-free film

No need to enlist a manager or a volunteer to film. Focus cameras automatically capture and upload HD video from the perfect angle.

Customize your setup

Choose any combination of two or more Focus cameras (Indoor and Outdoor) to cover your facilities your way. Full Hudl integration means post-game review is ready in minutes.

Cover every game

All games at Focus-equipped facilities—home, away or neutral site—will be automatically uploaded to your library with the Focus Exchange Network.


Winning insights delivered in a fraction of the time.

Hudl stat reports and video review on a computer, tablet and phone.

Game plans backed by data

Hudl Assist breaks every game into digestible insights and reports filled with stats directly linked to video. Help your coaches game plan smarter.

Save valuable time

Instead of spending hours on data entry, coaches can devote that time to developing their teams.

Adjustments at game speed

Instant replay from Hudl Sideline helps football coaches make better decisions in the heat of the moment.


Help your players—and your program—get noticed.

Stream your way

Take control of how you livestream with Hudl Focus. Stream directly to YouTube for a free solution, or use your choice of broadcast software to bring in revenue.

Tools to teach the modern athlete

With access to game and practice video from anywhere, players can better understand coaching points and see their growth throughout the season.

Let your players share their wins

Athletes can easily create highlights to share with family, friends and send to college recruiters.

Empower your players.

Let athletes manage their own recruiting journey by contacting coaches directly through Hudl to easily share highlights, full game videos, academic information and athletic stats.

Give your program an extra boost.

Get exclusive access to even more game-changing tools from our trusted partners. Learn More

What Athletic Directors are saying:

Hear how department-wide Hudl packages have changed the game at these high schools.

“As a district, it’s important that kids, no matter what high school they go to, get the same opportunities.”

Kathi Wieskamp

District Athletic Director, Lincoln Public Schools

“Video allows us to reach our students, no matter what the sport, in ways that are meaningful.”

Tony Harris

Athletic Director, Saint Ignatius College Prep

“As coaches, we’re going to work hard, but we’re also going to work smarter. And that’s what Hudl has allowed us to do.”

Randy Barnes

Athletic Director, Farmersville High School

Join the thousands of high schools who’ve chosen to give equal access to all their teams.

Contact us to see how Hudl can help your athletic department.